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An important habit of health is to regularly perform engine/exhaust system tune-ups (Or Detoxification / Cleansing of your body).

The difference in how people feel who have tuned up their digestive and elimination tracts is tremendous. It’s similar to a car that has been tuned up and suddenly surges with new found power.

Here’s how to do a tune-up:

  • Remove intestinal wall accumulations (like cleaning oxidation off spark plugs)
  • Remove bad bacteria, fungi and parasites (like cleaning carburetors, dirty filters and gas lines)
  • Supply good bacteria (like putting in a fuel additive to keep the engine clean)
  • There is nothing more important for your health than a clean digestive/eliminatory system
  • We repeat there is nothing more important for your health than a clean digestive / eliminatory system

According to numerous alternative health care practitioners, dirty intestines are the beginning of disease: Dr. John Harvey Kellogg said a century ago that “90% of diseases are due to improper functioning of the colon.”

Dr. Bernard Jensen, a proponent of natural health and author of Tissue Cleaning Through Bowel Management says, “In the 50 years I’ve spent helping people to overcome illness, disability and disease, it has become crystal clear that poor bowel management lies at the root of most people’s health problems.”

Dr. Arnold Ehret theorized that all disease is caused by a clogging of the tube and membrane structures within the body due to a build-up of restrictive mucoidal plaque.

If you have ulcers, serious gastrointestinal disorders (such as Chron’s Disease) or diabetes, it is advisable to consult with a doctor before undertaking a digestive system tune-up.

More information about digestive system tuning.

The digestive system is the engine of the human body.  Digesting our food is like the fuel filtering, fuel injection and fuel combustion of an automobile engine. Both automobile engines and digestive organs need to be tuned-up periodically to clean out the dirt and accumulations that degrade their power production and efficiency.

With a car, we change the dirty oil and filters and replace (or clean) its spark plugs. The tune-up maintenance that is needed for our digestive systems is:

  • Supply Good Bacteria:

A healthy adult should have about four pounds of good bacteria in his/her intestines. These good bacteria are critical to good digestion because many foods contain elements that enzymes from the stomach, liver, small intestines and pancreas cannot break down.  When these undigested elements reach the colon, the good bacteria in the colon ferment these food particles into nutritious and wonderfully, protective chemicals that are absorbed into our bodies and assist our bodies in lowering cholesterol, inhibiting tumors, cancers and doing many other good things for our body.

Unfortunately, in many people, the good bacteria have been killed off to a large or small degree and therefore the many protective and good compounds produced by these bacteria are in short supply. Also, with the good bacteria gone, bad bacteria and yeasts take over our intestinal tracts. As a result, we get muddy stools, irritation, gas and other gastrointestinal complaints.

Restoring these bacteria is probably the one piece of nutrition that all doctors and nutritionists completely agree on.  It is good for you!  Especially, after the use of antibiotics (which kill all bacteria everywhere in the body, including the intestines) we need to restore good bacteria to our intestines.

  • Remove parasites, bad bacteria and fungi:

Sugar, sand and other contaminants don’t belong inside car engines. Likewise, bad bacteria, parasites and fungi don’t belong inside the digestive system because they interfere with the critical processes of digestion.

“85% of adult North Americans are infected with parasites” – Dr. Hazel Parcels

“I believe the single most undiagnosed health challenge in the history of the human race is parasites. I realize that is a pretty brave statement, but it is based on my 20 years of experience with more than 20,000 patients” – Dr. Ross Anderson N.D

Parasites, bad bacteria and fungi, in addition to interfering with digestion, produce toxins that damage and stress cells throughout the entire body. Also, they prevent good bacteria from flourishing, which means lowered production of the many vital nutrients that good bacteria provide for our bodies.

  • Remove intestinal wall accumulations:

The digestive tract is about 20 feet long, of which the stomach is only a small portion. While the stomach breaks food down into very small pieces of food, the intestines absorb most of the nutrients and are absolutely critical to our health.

Over time, adults accumulate a layer of sticky mucous gel/plaque (incompletely digested, fermenting proteins) on the intestinal walls that interferes with absorption of nutrients. Although the thickness of this gel or plaque is usually less than an eighth of an inch (and considered normal by doctors), these accumulations provide an easy place for bad bacteria, fungi and parasites to live for long periods of time inside us.

In the realm of maintaining our bodies, removing this layer of intestinal interference is extremely important. It’s like cleaning a car’s spark plugs. In the words of Dr. Bernard Jensen, “every tissue is fed by the blood, which is supplied by the bowel. When the bowel is dirty, the blood is dirty, and so on to the organs and tissues.” Again, by Dr. Jensen, “Bowel cleansing is the single most important thing that you can do for your health.”


The digestive system must work well in order for the body to have access to its full potential power, energy and health. If someone wants to immediately feel increased energy, a digestive system tune-up is the way to accomplish this.

Flores Health Services is offering GI tune up packages. Please contact us for more information and Dr Flores will customize a GI tune up program for you. 604-736-0700

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